Your marketing should work smarter, not harder.

Your marketing should work smarter, not harder.

Your marketing should work smarter, not harder.Your marketing should work smarter, not harder.Your marketing should work smarter, not harder.


What Do You Get From Working With Us?

More Attention to Your Business

More Attention to Your Business

More Attention to Your Business

Connecting people with your business.

There's no doubt that digital marketing and social media play a major part of many people's lives. 

Your ideal client is probably on social media, right? Why not show them that you exist and that you'd love to meet them?

We take your message and show it in a way that we can attract more of your best customers because they will know they love you before they ever meet you!

Less Distracted Staff

More Attention to Your Business

More Attention to Your Business


Having your staff run social media can seem like a good idea at first, but there's more to social media marketing than posting pictures and using hashtags! 

For great success with social media marketing, you need strategies, planning, and coordination. That's a lot to ask of your staff!

Save yourself and your employee the stress and let handle all that for you.

More Leads

More Attention to Your Business

Less Wasted Time


Reaching out to people that have have shown interest in your brand is one of the best ways to create a real connection!

Using Facebook Ads, we can find people that would be interested in your brand and show them why they should be on your mailing list

Facebook Ads are one of the most efficient way to get more email leads.

Less Wasted Time

Less Wasted Time

Less Wasted Time


Social Media Marketing is something that can be very powerful, but it takes research, experimenting, and constant learning.

You could do it yourself, but that would take time that you could be using to work on the very thing that makes your business special

My Master Marketers can save you a lot of time when it comes to your social media marketing.

More Sales

Less Wasted Time

Less Stress


What would it be like if you could increase your sales, while building brand exposure, and create loyal clients?

Not everyone wants to admit it, but selling is one of the most important things your business does. Without new sales and repeat customers, you wouldn't get paid and your business wouldn't be able to operate for long!

We create strong social media marketing plans to bring in new customers while nurturing the clients you already have!

Less Stress

Less Wasted Time

Less Stress


Social Media Marketing is changing rapidly, and it takes constant learning and experimenting to stay on top of it all.

Thats just stressful for you and you don't need that. We take an extra step to organize a plan to show you how it will all come together.

Do you have questions? 

*Don't worry, messaging us is free and we'll be happy to hear from you!

Who Are We?


Meet Your Facebook Ad Specialist - Tony

Tony is a 24 year old born and raised on Long Island, specifically in Babylon's backyard, and he's the owner and Facebook Ads Manager of My Master Marketers.

Tony finds potential clients though Hyper-Targeted Facebook Ads. He uses analytics to find people that would love to hear your story. These people are just like the clients you have now that already love your brand!

When Tony's not working on your social media marketing, he's reading a new psychology book or trying to jump like Spiderman in the gym! He also has a kitten named Muchacho!


Meet Your Email Expert - Rebecca

Rebecca has lived on Long Island her whole life and she's our Email & Social Media Marketing Manager. 

She makes a deep connection with your business and it's voice in the community. She can speak to your clients and potential clients in a way that educates them and creates a bond between them and your brand.

If Rebecca's not working on your digital marketing, she probably making art or watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine! She also has a cute baby kitten named Dexter!


Meet Your Content Capturer - Jon

Jon has also lived on Long Island his whole life, and he is our creative genius behind the camera.

He and his crew capture the highlights that make your business unique. He shows your followers exactly why they should come to your business through creative content.

When Jon is not working on your digital marketing content, he's probably throwing a party or making plans with close friends. Jon has no kittens....

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